To promote spirit of "Truth, Success, Courage and a sense of belongingness", the school is divided into four Houses and each house is monitored by a Teacher Representative or House In-Charge along with other teacher members of the House. The houses are Rose House, Lilly House, Lotus House and Daffodil House.
A number of inter-house activities like Quizzes, Drawing Competition, Poem Recitations, Essay Writing Competition and Debate Competition etc. are conducted during the course of the Academic year. The Houses are formed with a motive of inculcating a spirit of teamwork and unity among the students along with providing them a platform to showcase and perform their talent in different fields. Houses also take weekly turns to assist the school authorities in the day to day running of the school like conducting Morning Assembly, setting up the school Bulletin Board, maintaining Discipline, checking Uniform among a host of other activities.


Colour Theme

 Rose House


 Enduring passion

 Lily House


 Humility and Devotion

 Lotus House


 Beauty and Separation

 Daffodil House


 New beginning Rebirth